Using this knowledge of fertility awareness to educate our teens.

Teens are receptive to the truth about how their bodies work. Educating them on chastity lays the groundwork for lifelong healthy relationship choices. Using correct terminology for cycling and how to track it naturally empowers teenage girls to understand what is normal for their age group.

When should we stop contracepting, before, during or after we take the classes?

We recommend that contraceptives be stopped or removed prior to the start of taking the classes. This enables your body time to eliminate the hormones and start the restorative process. Abstinence is required during this time as your body recovers and renews the reproductive cycle. Delaying the cessation of contraceptive products delays your body’s return … Read more

Easy to use

Methods can be used during a woman’s entire reproductive life. Charting cycles can start at puberty; once engaged, the entire course of NFP taken as a couple; used to plan pregnancy; manage breast feeding; space children; and manage menopause. Involves checking for biomarkers daily and documenting the most fertile sign observed that day, a process … Read more

Efficacy of NFP

Most methods average 97%-99+% effectiveness in achieving a couple’s desire to postpone or achieve pregnancy. Follow link to read about successful use of NFP to achieve and postpone pregnancy.  

Reasons for using NFP

Shared responsibility for observing and charting fertility. Morally acceptable. Empowers couples in knowledge of own health. Health and relationship benefits found under “What have we been missing”.