I’m/and or my spouse are sterilized, can we still practice NFP?

Yes because fertile biomarkers are observable in the woman until she enters menopause. Sterilization, such as tubal ligation for women or vasectomy for men, disconnect reproductive system parts so that the egg and sperm cannot meet. Sterilization does not prevent ovulation from occurring or reduce sperm production. Couples can still track and chart biomarkers to determine fertile and infertile phases of the cycle so that the lifestyle of periodic abstinence can be lived. This lifestyle choice will grow your sexual relationship in a loving way, encouraging communication, caring for each other’s needs for affection and time spent together. Your children will be blessed as a result of your closeness.

I’ve been prescribed contraception for a health reason. What can I do?

Consult with Natural Family Planning Practitioners found on this website, listed under Resources, for a second opinion. Charting cycles uncovers many physical conditions, such as PCOS or endometriosis that can be treated at the root cause of the problem. Charting cycles identifies where the reproductive system is not operating optimally, providing insight into solutions that provide relief, maintain the integrity of the reproductive system and dignity of the woman all while improving health outcomes.

I’ve just had a baby, Can I use NFP?

Yes, fertility returns post-partum based on the maternal/child relationship related to breast feeding. There are NFP courses offered specifically for postpartum and breast-feeding moms. These focus on differentiating postpartum discharge from the onset of fertile biomarkers.

I think I’m approaching menopause. Can I use NFP to help manage my cycle during this time?

Yes, fertility biomarkers’ occurrence and prevalence change during the peri-menopausal phase of a woman’s reproductive life. There are NFP courses offered specifically for the peri-menopausal woman. They focus on managing the variability of cycle lengths allowing for continued use of periodic abstinence until the woman enters menopause and her natural cycles cease. Plus, we encourage you to share what is learned about chastity, charting, periodic abstinence with your children and grandchildren.

We’re struggling to conceive. Would NFP help us?

Yes, there are specialists within Natural Family Planning Practitioners that are specially trained to assist with conception issues. A special type of cycle charting is used to assist in determining the underlying root cause of infertility and prescribe treatments that support conception occurring within the body naturally. A list of specialists is listed under Resources on the website.

Follow link to read about the USCCB information about infertility and treatment.

Why wasn’t I taught this in school?

Concepts related to abstinence education, like chastity, are often downplayed in sexual education. The common thought is that young people will engage in sexual activity and therefore need contraception. This undermines the Catholic teaching on chastity and the ability to practice abstinence with grace. The Church’s teaching on chastity is about self-mastery for the sake of becoming a gift to one’s spouse. The Diocese offers a program called Catholic Academy for Life Leadership to assist parents in forming their teens on chastity and related topics.

I have a cycle tracking app. Do NFP methods have apps?

Yes, most cycle tracking phone applications rely on outdated, calendar based, counting days since last menses algorithms. Learning to identify and chart biomarkers ensures women know where they are within their cycle on a daily basis. Several NFP methods offer cycle tracking phone applications that involve charting the biomarkers on electronic charts, allowing couples to make family planning decisions based on the actual biomarkers and not algorithms.

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